It's no surprise that anime-related games are so popular with gamers, however this is not just a good RPG, it offers an experience that goes further.

From the hand of Steam, Tales Of Zestiria is the first game in the Tales Of franchise to have a PC version, Viva! , making it fully playable for those with at least an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz processor and 1GB RAM memory.

Tales Of Zestiria cuenta con un diseño de personajes muy al estilo medieval mágico, que seguramente, si te gusta el anime, te recordará bastante a la primera temporada de SAO.

Each one wears a garment in bright colors but perfectly balanced with their personality, while we see the protagonist wearing a white robe with black details, we can appreciate his friend the water seraph in a suit in aqua and blue colors or his warrior companion with a medieval knight costume with pink tones.

The game tells the story of Sorey, who earnestly wishes to become "The Shepherd", an individual who will seek balance between humans and seraphim to avoid chaos in the world. On his way he will not be alone, since he will initially have the help of Mikleo and Princess Aisha, who will be the first to join their adventure.

The combat mechanics are quite easy to follow, especially if you are new to trying this type of video game in open worlds, where you can meet enemies during the journeys from one point to another. As you overcome the obstacles, you can use different powers and combat techniques to specifically face some enemies easier than others.

In addition, you can access scenes with character dialogues that will make your experience more relaxed and visual.

Are you ready to play?

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