After the incredible success of the Silent Hill saga, fans were waiting to get many more stories about this strange and macabre world, but Konami has not responded to the launch of new games related to the saga. At least they haven't confirmed new release dates for us.

Given this, fans have made some independent versions, from games based on the franchise to remakes.

Precisely the user David Post, a regular fan of the video game, gave himself the task of making a Demo to revive Silent Hill 2 but in Virtual Reality.

Silent Hill 2 VR relives some environments where you can embark along with James Sunderland, the protagonist of the game, to find his wife.

If the game itself was scary enough, imagine having to navigate the world of Silent Hill from a first game perspective. You dare?

So far the creator has not indicated if he plans to finish the project and finalize the entire game, but hopefully, since it is a very well-done demo.